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BA 10/5 manual transmission for a 1988 Jeep Wrangler or the conversion kit and transmission

February 16, 2018 - Author: bartbarton


I work for Regency Chrysler in 100 Mile House BC Canada.  I am looking for a BA 10/5 manual transmission for a 1988 Jeep Wrangler or the conversion kit and transmission. I am wondering if you are able to ship to Canada.

Answer we can provide a kit that includes a brand new AX15 transmission:  With a one year factory warranty, the kit will include:

  1. NEW AX15
  1. 53007105-R BELL HOUSING






1- 716164  PILOT BUSHING

     1- 52107555  THROW OUT FORK

     1- 4338855   FORK RETAINER

  1. 53008342  THROW OUT BEARING


YOUR COST $2150.00  ***207 model add $100 PLUS FREIGHT.

The core charge is $350. 

See our web site at for transmissions and parts we provide.

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Ford Diesel verses Gas Transmission Strength

- Author: bartbarton

I have a 1997 Ford 7.3 F350 4WD.  I intend to use a 460 gas 5 speed trans adapted to a 24 valve cummins engine, are the gears, syncro’s etc as strong in a gas trans as in a diesel?


The ratios are different but yes they are as strong

See the parts we offer at

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Diagnosing a shifting problem with manual transmission

January 18, 2018 - Author: bartbarton

I have a Ford Ranger 2010 with 4.0lt manual 4WD.


I recently replaced the clutch, slave cylinder, master cylinder, pilot and throw-out bearing on my ford ranger, because 1st and second gear were getting difficult to shift into, especially when from a stop (1st gear/reverse). After extensive bleeding and verifying the slave is fully disengaging the pressure plate, my 1st and reverse gear are still difficult to shift while from a stop, however my second gear is now very difficult to shift into. Could this be a syncro issue or a shift fork issue, or something completely different? and if so, how can I test to see what may be causing the issue. thank you for your time in the matter. (truck has 130,000+ miles on all original drive train).


Our experience tells us that anytime the lower gears are hard to shift the clutch components are suspect….

Try shifting those gears with engine off and see what it does. If it shifts good that way depress the clutch

and start the vehicle .. do not let the clutch up and see how it shifts… If it changes from off to run it is a clutch / hyd issue


If it’s hard both ways it is an internal trans issue, then its time to open the transmission and inspect and replace damaged part or replace with a remanufacture unit.

For additional technical support give Scott a call toll free 888-824-2012 he can help you, get you the correct parts or direct drop in replacement unit.

You can qualify for a discount register for first time customer discount on our web site

See all the parts and services we offer on our site at

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Problem with Dodge Dakota 2001 Manual Transmission

January 16, 2018 - Author: bartbarton

Question: I have a Dodge Dakota 2001 3.6lt 2WD

i have a aluminum case its a NV 1500 5 speed manual transmission , my problem is 5th & reverse gears ,i took off stick and by visual aluminum sleeve fork broken in the center can see the other broken part further in housing ? Im going to remove or split back half of trans , if i could get more information about this repair besides the 2 diagrams like the manual transmission repair manual from dodge (dealers) copy please help mahalo for your kokua.


The 2001 Dakota 3.9L 4×2 is the NV3500 instead of the NV1500 and it is not uncommon for those to break the 5/R fork


You can see the parts illustration for the NV3500 on our site at:, we can supply the following parts:


Part Number MWT235GWS Bearing Rebuild Kit with Syncro Rings Dodge (NV 3500) (3 Piece 1-2 Syncros) 2001 -Up Your Cost $376.33



Part Number 58 NV20047 Fork 5th-Reverse Shift 1-Rail (NV 3500 S10, Dakota) (93-Up) Your Cost $51.00

You can qualify for a discount register for first time customer discount on our web site.    Give sales department a call toll free 888-824-2012 they can help with the order.  If you need additional technical information ask for Scott

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Interchange transfer case in

January 15, 2018 - Author: bartbarton

Question: Can I put a NP263xhd in place of a NP261HD vehicle is

2001 2500hd 6.0 NV4500 5 speed


Yes this could be done but the NV263 is electric shift so without adding the switch, module, shift motor ext there would be no way to shift the transfer case.  May be able to track these parts in local salvage yard or on line.


Let us now if you need internal parts.

You can see detailed drawings and part list on our site at

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Cummins automatic transfer case

January 12, 2018 - Author: bartbarton


Will a 1990 Cummins Automatic np205 transfer case bolt to a 96 Cummins NV4500 Transmission without an adapter?


Yes it will as long as the NV4500 has the 23 spline mainshaft in it and you would use everything from the automatic witch is adaptor and coupling sleeve

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NP205 Transfer Case Bearing Issue

September 19, 2017 - Author: CourtneyN

Question: Howdy, looking to rebuild my transfer case, thus looking at your rebuild kits. The problem is when I shift into low range 4 wheel, I get a grinding noise and it won’t engage or will pop out real quick if it did engage. 4 wheel high seems fine. So any info as to what you think is wrong would be great. Thanks


Answer: From your description it sounds like the front bearing in the front output shaft is failing allowing it to pop out.  We would suggest that you start with our bearing rebuild kit it fits NP205 in Dodges 1989 to 1993 is our part number TRSBK205D, your cost is  $237.97 plus S&H.

If you need addition technical help give Scott a call 888-824-2012 he can help you.  To place the order call the same number and ask for Adam, Connie, or Joe. You can also visit our website to order,


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Stronger NV4500

January 6, 2017 - Author: CourtneyN

Hello I’m in search of a stronger nv4500 transmission for my truck. It’s a turbocharged LSX engine and was wondering what you guys have to offer? I can rebuild the one I have now but would need all the cryogenic internals and don’t know of it would be better to buy the trans from you guys and send my core in. And I was wondering if I could do a different input shaft spline count? Thank you
We can supply a rebuilt NV4500 GM 4×4 with cryo treated parts with a one year factory warranty.

The choices on the input would be stock GM 1.125” 10 spline or 8.1L 1.250 10 spline same price either way

Order our part number MTGM009 your cost $1400 exchange plus $500 core deposit plus freight

Cryo treating is per pound
• Input 5 pounds
• Cluster 24 pounds
• Output shaft 17 pounds
• 5th m/s gear 2 pounds
• 5th c/s gear 7.4 pounds
• 3rd gear 4.1 pounds

59.5 pounds your cost for cryo is $595.00

Give sales department a call toll free 888-824-2012 they can help with the order. If you need additional technical information ask for Scott.
You can qualify for a discount register for first time customer discount on our web site

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NV4500 & NV241D Conversion

June 28, 2016 - Author: CourtneyN

Question: Perhaps you can help me with some information or a source for it.  I just installed an NV4500 and NV241d from 1999 Dodge Ram diesel into a 1995 Dodge Ram diesel.  Standard cab, eight foot bed.  The trans came with the front drive shaft.

The rear slip yoke is a smaller diameter (it came off the standard auto and transfer case that was removed) and the original 1995 drive shaft is too short. In your knowledge did this combination exist from the factory? Is there a source for the yoke and proper shaft? I have seen two piece shafts and center bearing shafts that I assume are for the long bed.  My real question is do you know what I need?  Any help would be deeply appreciated.


The  diesel trucks came with both NP241DLD and NP241DHD transfer cases. That being said the 1999 NP241 DHD will not work in the 1995 due to there being no speedometer provision in the transfer case.

1994-1996 NP241DLD use a 32 spline output  with a speedometer in the rear oil pump housing and 1997 and up NP241DLD do not

1994-1996 NP241DHD use a 32 spline output with a speedometer 1997 uses a 31 spline large diameter with a speedo and 1998 and newer us the 31 spline without a speedo provision

The best option is use the old NP241DLD and switch the input shaft over to a 29 spline input to bolt up to the NV4500.  We can provide the following parts to assist with the conversion.


27 Shaft Input 29 Spline 6010n Bearing Narrow MWTNP4797029-R $122.92


23 Input Bearing (.630 inch Wide) MWT6010-N $20.66


Shipping charges will be added.   You will need to find a driveline shop to modify the drive shafts   We have such a shop in Maple Grove, MN that can help you their number is 800-444-0755.

Call the sales department to place order at 888-824-2012, if you need additional technical assistance ask for Scott he can help you. Visit our website to see more parts for the NV4500 and NV241D at


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Rebuilt Transfer Case

April 18, 2016 - Author: CourtneyN


I’ve just rebuilt the Transfer case after “notorious rub” issue (152,000 mile) output shaft will not turn by hand. Need to know is this normal before reinstall on the truck…?


The output shaft should turn by hand, when in the transfer case is in 2WD, the input and rear output should turn together. Make sure the rear snapping is seated in the bearing groove. Something is bound up and I would not recommend installing it that way.


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