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2001 Ford F250 with ZF 6 Speed, Input Shaft Wear

May 22, 2014 - Author: bartbarton - No Comments

I have a Ford F250 7.3Lt 2001 with the manual ZF S650 transmission.


Updated Pilot Bearing Kit

Question:   I need to rebuild my zf 6 speed and I have some questions. First is your bearing rebuild kit a complete rebuild kit? I’ve never seen one labeled as a bearing rebuild kit. Second I read that people are putting the 6.0 pilot bearing in mine failed again and I saw you have a repair kit but little information on what all it is which would you suggest? and if it matters I have a luk clutch and fly wheel but that also may change. My other question is my input shaft is terribly worn and also has a lot of play. I’d like to get a new one Chryo treated as well but do you have anything to fix the input shaft bearing and keep it from wearing out so easily?

Answer:  We have see this problem a number of times the pilot bearing premature excessive wear or failure causing the input shaft

To wear at a rapid rate. Below is a list of item we can provide that you may want to purchase in order to overhaul the ZF S650 transmission.

  • Bearing Kit with Syncro Rings  your cost $637.87. This kit includes all major bearings, gaskets, seals and syncro rings
  • Needle Bearing Kit    your cost $134.94, may not be required, generally reused unless transmission has been run dry.
  • Input Shaft   your cost $165.00
  • Cryo Treating for Input Shaft $80.00
  • Pilot Bearing Saver Kit your cost  $59.95

The new pilot bearing kit will stop this failure mode.

Plus S&H. If you need additional information give Scott a call at 888-824-2012 he can help you.


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