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Re-powering my jeep YJ with 3.9 Cummins Diesel

January 30, 2014 - Author: bartbarton

I have a Jeep YJ 1992, manual transmission 4WD


I’m re-powering my jeep YJ with a 3.9 Cummins diesel with a ford t19 tranny. I’m wondering what transfer case for that setup would you recommend?
I need the drive line to be on the left or the driver’s side, I am planning a Dana 44 front axle.


If you are using the  Ford T19 manual transmission that has a 31 spline 4×4 output shaft then the NP205 direct mount Ford unit would be ideal. m  We highly recommend the NP205 as it is gear drive and has lots of strength.

We can provide a re-manufactured unit with a 12 month warranty, your cost is $850.00 OUTRIGHT no core required plus freight.

See other NP205 parts that we offer on our site.

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Ford Ranger 5 Speed FM145 FM146 5th Gear Problem

January 29, 2014 - Author: bartbarton

Is you Ranger 5 Speed Noisy in 5th Gear?

The Mitsubishi 5 speed used in the Ford Ranger from 1985 to 1992 has had a common problem with the 5th gear bearing sleeve wearing into the 5th/reverse synchronizer hub.   This problem further has caused the failure of the 5th gear on the main-shaft, causing the 5th gear to seize to the 5th/reverse hub and then break.

The problem is inherent, because the mating surface area of the 5th gear bearing sleeve is to small.  Although pressures against the hub are amplified while the transmission is at high operating temperatures, they decrease significantly when the transmission cools to ambient temperature.  This continual pattern causes the sleeve to work loose against the tth/reverse synchronizer hub and then begin to wear into the splined area of the hub.

As this wears, the preset factory clearances for end play are diminished to the point tha the 5th gear on the mainshaft bearings to heat the hub and scuffing begins to appear.  If this situation is not corrected, it will cause the 5th gear to seize to the hub, breaking the gear teeth.

Update Kit by Midwest Transmission Solves the Problem

Give the size and load characteristics of the 5th gear, correcting this problem fig_1_fm145_updateby simply changing the gear design is next to impossible.  Now only is it simple but also its is very inexpensive to install.    The entire kit includes only two pieces, a newly designed caged bearing and bearing sleeve (see Figure 1).  Further design changes directs the radial pressure fro the gear to a mor specified area on the bearing sleeve.

5th Gear Update Kit Ease to Install

During inspection for a repair or re-build of the Mitsubishi built 5 speed, closely examine the area where the 5th gear bearing sleeve contacts the 5th/reverse synchronizer hub.  If there is any noticeable wear, replace the 5th/reverse synchronizer hub, Ford p/n E5TZ7124C for the 1985 to 1987 Ranger, ESTZ07124G for the 1988-1992 Ranger, MD716397 for Ram 50 or Mitsubishi SUV and Pickup.  Also compare old design 5th needle bearing sleeve to new design (see Figure 1) and after inspection install new design 5th bearing sleeve with flange against 5th/reverse synchronizer hub (see Figure 2)

Apply assembly lube on all mating thrust surfaces and assemble remainder of main shaft.  fig_2_fm145_updateTorque mainshaft nut to 181-195 ft lbs.  Check that the .006″ – .010″ clearance is maintained between the 5th gear on the mainshaft and the 5th gear thrust washer (See Figure 1).


This installation will end your problems of poor 5th gear end clearance on the Mitsubishi built RWD 5 speed manual transmission.  Order our part number  MW990006-R   your cost $30.00 plus S&H.

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Ford F350 2005 Auto to Manual Transmission Conversion

January 27, 2014 - Author: bartbarton

I have a Ford F350 2005 4WD 7.3L diesel.  ZFS650_MTFRD059I am removing the 4R100 automatic transmission and converting to a 6 speed manual transmission.

Question:  I have located a donor truck, but its a 2wd model.  Can you provide the parts I need to complete this conversion?

Answer: We can supply a new 4X4 extension housing your cost is $345.00, A new NP271/NP274 24 spline input shaft for your transfer case your cost is $145.00.  You will also need a new 4X4 output shaft for the transmission, your cost is $275.00 plus S&H.

You can see the other parts that we can supply for the ZF S650 on our site.

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Ford M5R1 Extremely hard to get into 1 and 2 gear

January 22, 2014 - Author: bartbarton


Extremely hard to get into 1 and 2 gear and every time its shifted into reverse the transmission grinds but 3 4 5 work fine,  could this issues be caused by a worn shift fork. The truck is a Ford Explorer 4.0L and has 175000 miles?

Your transmission is and M5R1 2wd.


Based on the condition you describe and our experience we suspect that the clutch may be the issue here not the transmission.  Common problem as the Clutch/Hydraulic  problem gets worse and the slave cylinder starts to fail the 1 & 2 gears get harder to engage and grinds going into reverse.

You will need to drop the transmission, this will give you access the clutch components, it should be very evident that this is the problem.  We can supply the following parts to repair the clutch:

  • Clutch Kit including disc, pressure plate, and bearings plus alignment tool, order our part number MTC07-096 your cost is $125.00.
  • Slave Cylinder (inside bell housing) our part number MTCLSC003 your cost is $55.00 plus S&H.  These are quality LUK clutch products.

If it turns out that the clutch is not the problem we would then recommend you replace the transmission with a factory rebuilt unit, order part number MTFRD005 your cost is $766.66 plus $250.00 core deposit plus freight.

If you need more technical help give Scott a call 888-824-2012 he can help you during the inspection process and assembly of the clutch components, be sure the clutch disc in installed correctly (easily reversed).

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Need Rebuild Kit with Syncro Rings F150 2001

January 21, 2014 - Author: bartbarton

I am looking for a rebuild kit with syncros for a 2001 Ford F150

5 speed 4.2L V6 M5R2.  I am told it has a 3 piece 2nd gear syncro and is different from other M5R2 kits, can you help me.

We can provide an overhaul bearing kit with syncro rings to fit M5R2 5 speed

that uses multi-piece 2nd gear syncro ring.   Order our Part number TRSBK248CWS your cost is $587.41 plus S&H.

Take advantage of our expertise, if you need help with tear down or re-assembly give Scott a call 888-824-2012.

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Noise on Acceleration and Deceleration

- Author: bartbarton

Ford M5R2 Noise Problem

I recently purchased a Ford F150 with a 5.0L engine, its 4WD and the body was in very good shape for 150,000 miles.  After driving it about 40 miles per day back and forth to work in has started making noise on acceleration and when slowing down.  I have not removed the transmission yet it’s a M5R2 I have observed transmission fluid leaking from the rear seal, and the rubber plugs on top.  I drained the fluid found it to be brown/black and missing probably 1 to 2 quarts of fluid.

What can I expect to find in the way of damaged components inside the M5R2?

Base on our extensive experience with M5R2 remanufacturing you can expect to find a damaged input shaft and most likely a damaged counter shaft.  This damage is in most cases caused by excessive heat due to low fluid.  You should also plan on installing a new bearing overhaul kit with syncro rings at the same time.

Those two parts are identified as item 5 and 32 in our parts illustration

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ZF547 5th Reverse Problem

January 13, 2014 - Author: bartbarton


I have a 1996 Ford F250 with 7.3L diesel 4wd.  I have lost 5th and reverse gear can you help me?

Answer:  To fix this problem you probably will need a new Reverse gear, 5th gear, fork, 5th reverse syncro assemblies and two syncro rings and bearings plan on about $1000.00 for parts plus S&H.

We can provide a re-manufactured unit that is factory built, dyno tested and has a 12 month warranty.  Your cost on this unit is $1695.00 plus core deposit and freight.  If you need more information give Dan a call 888-824-2012 he can help you.

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Can you tell me the ratios that the Ford ZF547 was supplied with?

- Author: bartbarton

The Ford S5-47 ZF transmission was supplied in two different ratios: a  wide ratio and close ratio versions. The wide ratio was utilized in F-Series truck over 8500 lbs. gross vehicle weight (GVW), all engines  except F Super Duty equipped with a diesel engine.

The close ratio version was supplied in F-Series pickup trucks with a 7.3L diesel  GVW over 8500 lbs. The ratios are as follow:1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Reverse
Close Ratio (Diesel) 1st 5.08,  2nd 2.60, 3rd  1.53 , 4th 1.0 and overdrive 0.77, reverse is  4.66
Wide Ratio (Gasoline and Diesel) 1st 5.72, 2nd 2.94, 3rd  1.61, 4th  1.0 overdrive 0.76 and reverse 5.24

This transmission features an aluminum case with integrated bell housing/clutch housing.  You can see the re-manufactured units that we can supply along with all the individual parts that are available on our site.

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Extension Housing Automatic to Transfer Case

January 10, 2014 - Author: bartbarton
Dodge 1500 1998 5.9L Transmission Automatic 4WD

The extension between transmission and transfer case. There is a ball bearing in case. Do you know the part number? And there a cover to take off a snap ring holds bearing in. Can you help me?Answer:

This would be in the A518 extension housing, we can supply it your cost is  $105.00 plus S&H.


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GMC 96 5.7L Loud squeal with the clutch released,

January 9, 2014 - Author: bartbarton

I have a GMC K1500 1996 5.7L Manual 4WD

NV3500 transmission with 230k miles on it had a loud squeal when the clutch released, suggesting a release bearing. Replaced release bearing – clutch is about 2 years old – noise is still there. What else could cause the noise symptoms of a release bearing? Should I replace the clutch, pressure plate and flywheel – or is this indicative of internal bearings on the tranny.   Can you help?


Based on our experience the problem (loud squeal) you describe is typically caused by failure input bearing.  With the mileage over 200k we would suggest that its time for new bearings, gaskets, seals and syncro ring.

Order our part number MWTBK235EWS $352.82 plus about $17.50 S&H.  This kit fits 1996-1998 Chevy/GMC  with single ball input and output

Bearings, 1st and 2nd synchro rings are multi-piece and the front and rear countershaft journals are 33mm OD.

We can also provide a rebuilt unit with 12 month warranty if you are unable to overhaul, just let us know.  If you need technical assistance with Dis-assembly or re assembly give Scott a call at 888-824-2012. You can see the other parts and rebuily NV3500 units we provide on our site.

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