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NP208 Missing a Seal

June 16, 2014 - Author: bartbarton

NP208 Transfer Case

I have a K5 Blazer 1986 350 V8 4WD

Question:  I am trying to identify a gear in my NP208 transfer case, it’s some type of black plastic, has three lobes, its definitely a seal and it has 2 holes through it for oil to keep it cool, it was right inside of the speedometer gear.  Can you help me?

Answer:   Sounds like the oil pump housing… it is black and has a seal in it and sets around the white gear (oil pump gear) right below the speedometer in the NP208

We will have a nice takeout your cost $15.00, give Scott a call 888-824-2012 he can help you.  You can see the other parts that we can provide for you NP208 on our site.


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2014 Chevy 6.0L 4WD pickup trucks need 80 Manual Transmissions

June 11, 2014 - Author: bartbarton

I have a fleet of 80 2014 Chevy 6.0L 4WD pickup trucks.


Shift Stub and Stick not shown

Question:  I am looking for a manual conversion kit for the above listed vehicles. I have 80 vehicle for this conversion could you supply the parts needed for this conversion?  Can you ship to Dubai?

Answer:  We can supply a conversion kits for all 80 of your vehicles. We would supply brand new NV4500 5 speed Heavy Duty manual transmissions kit includes shift stubs and sticks, new bell housings, new clutch assemblies, flywheel, new master and slave cylinders. The transmissions are in stock and have the latest updates, including new designed main shafts, 5th gear/nut and counter shafts.

We need some additional vehicle information to be able to proceed. we need the model of trucks? Are they 1500-2500-3500 series and we would need to know what the transmission tag number is on the current trans in the vehicle A tentative cost per conversion package would be $2595.00 each outright, plus freight. The outright price has a no core charge (you don’t have to pay freight) on core returns. Payment for this order would be by letter of credit, as indicated the units are in stock, if you would like to have you freight forwarder pickup up the units at the factory that not a problem.

We can ship to Dubai you can see the NV4500’s and parts that we can supply for this application on our site.



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1989 Ford F250 need rebuilt manual transmission

June 9, 2014 - Author: bartbarton

I have a 1989 Ford F250 7.3L Diesel Pickup

Question:  info on trans tag; zf MTFRD040_V1_20101020ford, model s5-42, 2f parts list; wo.1307050031, ford part #; e8ta-7003-ala; trans s/n 1051140, total ratio, 4.14-0.77 Do U need any info to determine if U have one rebuilt ready to ship? Please confirm price, ship costs. I have old core ready to ship to U, what is process?

Answer:  The correct part number for a replacement rebuilt ZF S542 transmission for your 1989 4WD 7.3lt Ford F250 diesel is MTFRD041.

Your cost is $1366.68 plus about $270.00 round trip freight (commercial address). We would be happy to rebuild your existing core.The case on the core need to be in good shape, not to worry about internal parts. The rebuilt transmission will have a 12 month warranty.

Please give Scott a call at 888-824-2012 he can help you and arrange to have your core picked up and any additional question you might have.  You can see the other parts we can supply for Ford ZF S542 transmission on our site.


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Need Replacement Transmission for 1984 Nissan Pickup Truck

June 6, 2014 - Author: bartbarton

I have a Nissan pickup truck its a fs5w71cModel 720 with the 2.4L and has 4WD.

Question:  I was looking at the trans u guys have and it say it will fit but couldn’t see anything about it being two wheel drive or for a 4×4 so will it fit my 4×4?

Answer:  Your transmission is the Nissan model FS5W71F  with a 12 tail housing, the correct part number is MTNIS002  $925.00 plus $250 core deposit, plus freight.

This transmission is rebuilt and has a 12 month no hassle warranty.  You can see other parts we can provide for the FS5W71F transmission on our site.

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Need Replacement for GM NP246 can you identify

June 5, 2014 - Author: bartbarton

I have a Chevy Suburban 3/4 ton with the 6.0L engine 4WD.

Question:  Hi, there are three differentnp246_TCGM044 types of transfer cases, 27 spline MWTCGM034, 29 spline MWTCG043 and 32 spline MWTCGM044.Which type is the best/right one for my Suburban.

Answer:  To replace your Transfer Case Model  NP246 Assy # 1577-2806 the correct part number for your application and assembly number is MWTTCGM044 your cost is $1000 exchange with a $250 core deposit.

This transfer case has a 12 month warranty. Shipping charges will be added. You can save the core deposit if you would like to send your existing transfer case to the factory. The case must be in good shape.

If you need more technical information, help or to place order call 888-824-2012 ask for Chris, Adam or Scott they can help you.  You can see the other parts that we can provide for the NP246 Transfer Case on site.

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1/2 ton Sierra need front end parts

- Author: bartbarton

Complete Front Carrier Assembly

I have a GMC Sierra 1500 model year 2003.

Question:  I am looking for a few specific parts for the front differential on my truck, I have done some research and found that on of the parts is called a “washer, front drive axle shifter lock” it looks like a washer with two ears on it and there another washer that sits on top of that one and I need both of those and an axle seal

Answer:   We have the parts you need, for your Sierra, order the following:

  •  Part Number 12479373 washer your cost $4.00
  • Part Number 26066886 washer your cost $4.25 plus S&H.

To order call 888-824-2012 ask for Connie or Scott they can help you.


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Nissan Pickup 1988 Transmission whining

June 4, 2014 - Author: bartbarton

I have a Nissan Pickup 4WD with the 2.4L engine.

Question:  Transmission started fs5w71cwhining in 1st,2nd, 3rd. 4th gear normal, 5th gear a little whine. Oil change clear with no debris. Trans has 300,000 miles. Is it worth repair or need replace?

Answer:   We believer you have the Nissan FS5W71 transmission. Based on you location and the amount of freight we suggest you rebuild or have the unit rebuilt.  We can provide the following parts to fix what we believe to be a bearing wear issue:

Bearing Rebuild kit MWT-212WS KIT WITH SYNCRO RINGS your cost $130.00.  This Kit will include all major bearings, gaskets, seals and syncro rings.

While your inside the unit you should update the 5th gear set with our parts:

Part number NIS-5 5TH GEAR SET your cost $99.00 plus S&H.

You can see the other FS5W71 parts we can provide on our web site.


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NP263 Transfer Case Problem 2004 GM 3/4 ton

June 2, 2014 - Author: bartbarton

I have a 3/4 ton GMC 2004 with the 6.0L.

Question:  Back in April I changed theNP263 NP263transmission NP263fluid in the transfer case. I was told at the parts house it took Atf-4 synthetic transmission fluid. I added the transmission fluid. Drove the truck from April to the end of May. Now my transfer case is burned up and has a whole in the transfer case. Would this transmission fluid burn my transfer case up. Being the wrong transmission fluid?

Answer:  The ATF will not case the problem, the problem was caused by the pump wearing a hole in the rear case.

As a minimum you will need the following parts:

  • Bearing Rebuild kit order our part number MWT371 your cost is $150.65
  • Chain 1.50” part number MWTCL-10-074 your cost $144.40
  • Case Half rear NP263 standard part number MWTMG620001 your cost $195.00
  • Case Protector plate Anti Wear (Prevents Pump Lug Wear) part number MW52007 your cost $65.00 plus S&H.NP263

You may want to consider a rebuilt unit from our factory, give Scott a call 888-824-2012 he can help you.

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Need Stronger Transmission for TT Supra

- Author: bartbarton

I have a 1995 Toyota Supra 3.0 twin turbo.Toyota_W56_MTTOY005

Question:  My Supra is a conversion from N/A twins and I still have the stock w58 that came with the car. I was wondering if it was worth rebuilding this transmission seeing as how I’m putting 400wwhp to it or should I just upgrade.

Answer:   We would suggest that you elect to rebuild the current transmission and cryogenic treating all of the critical hard parts, as the 6 speed in very expensive and impossible to find parts.  We can rebuild your current unit the price would be about $900.00 include all new bearings,  Gaskets, seals and syncro rings.

Cryo treating is $10 per pound estimate around 35 lbs and additional $350.00 add about 30% in strength.

Freight will be added. For additional information give Scott a call 888-0824-2012 he can help you.


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