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Clicking Noise 1989 Blazer

August 6, 2014 - Author: bartbarton

I have a Chevrolet Blazer 1989 with 5.7L Automatic 4WD Pickup.

Question: It has the TH700-R4 and standard transfer case NP241C. I have started hearing a clicking sound when driving. Same sound as if a small stone is pressed into the tire. The sound is not loud. Slow speed and window down and it can just be heard. Having the transmission in ‘Neutral’ and 2H and raised the vehicle in the back. I can hear the clicking sound, when I rotate(forward or backward) the tires. The clicking sound is coming from the transfer case to my best judgment. Observing the rear drive-shaft when rotating the tire, I can hear the clicking sound two times, when the rear drive-shaft is turned 360 degrees. The transfer case is correct filled with lubricate to the lower level of the filler hole. Any idea to what is causing the problem?

Answer:  We would suggest that you mark the driveshaft ends with white marker, take the drive shaft off and check all of the universal joints. If they all checks good the rear output snap ring in the transfer case is prone to breaking, suggest you pull the 4 bolt extension housing off the rear of the transfer case and inspect.

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Replace Automatic with Manual 1981 W250

- Author: bartbarton

I have a Dodge W250 Pickup 4WD 360 engine

Question:  I want too convert nv4500_newmy 727 automatic transmission to a  5sspeed manual. Is this possible? And can u deliver a package with bellhousing clutch and Bearing?

Answer:  We can provide the following parts to convert your automatic transmission to Manual

  • Part Number MTCRY014N  New NV4500 4X4 Transmission your cost $1595.00
  • Part Number LFW219 Flywheel your cost $115.00
  • Part Number LMC150 Master Cylinder your cost $57.00
  • Part Number LSC139 Slave Cylinder your cost $ $65.00
  • Part Number 05-063 Clutch Kit your cost $199.00
  • Used Bell housing your cost $265.00

Plus shipping and handling you don’t have to return the core. This transmission has a one year warranty. For more information on this conversion give Scott a call at 888-824-2012 he can help you.



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Parts for T56 Dodge Ram Pickup

August 4, 2014 - Author: bartbarton

I have  a 2004 Dodge Ram with a V10 2WD 6 Speed.

Questions can you provide the following parts for this T56 6 speed transmission:

  • Input Shaft 31 teeth
  • 6th gear on the main shaft
  • Reverse Gear 35 teeth
  • Reverse gear synchro hub outer ring
  • 5th Gear 54 teeth
  • Cluster shaft 36, 33, 28, 17 teeth
  • Bearing Seal Rebuild Kit
  • Syncro Cone Kit
  • Circlip Kit
  • Shim Kit

We can provide the following parts:

  • Input Shaft your cost $299.00
  • 6th Gear on main shaft your cost  #5093272AA your cost $233.00
  • 35 teeth Reverse gear  509 3287 $173.00
  • Reverse gear synchro  5018865AA $265
  • 5th Gear 54T 5093273AA $214.70
  • Cluster shaft 5139853AA 36, 33, 28, 17 teeth $475
  • Complete bearing kit $330.00 with syncro rings
  • Shim kit $60.00
  • Snap ring kit $79.00
  • 0730_117370730_111751

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Trantor, tractor 1987 need a manal transmission.

- Author: bartbarton

I have a Trantor, tractor 1987 with a 4.8 sae 2 engine 2wd.

Question:  Could you supply a NV4500 with 1 3/8 nv450010 spline input to replace an Eaton 475 SMA.(Bedford Spec) Would you ship it to UK?

Answer:   We believe we can provide the Dodge NV4500 this will come with the 1.375 input, however it will be a slip yoke type unit so there will be some drive shaft mods to be required. Your cost are as follows:.

  • New NV4500 MTCRY015N you cost is  $1695 outright no core required
  • New Dodge Bell housing your cost $325.00
  • Slip yoke for the back of trans your cost $125.00

Let me know if you would like to proceed with this order and I will provide

a freight quote and a Pay Pal invoice for you to fund. You can see the other parts we can provide for the NV4500 on our site.



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