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1979 Quadravan Transmission Upgrade

September 26, 2014 - Author: bartbarton

I have a Quadravan on a Ford E350 conversion Van, 460 gas,4WD.

Question:  I am converting a 21′ R.V. to 4-wheel drive using a Quadravan conversion with probably a “205” transfer case and with a adapter plate if needed, I would like to use a ZF 6-speed transmission if it will handle the torque. I know the H.P. will be right around 740 and probably similar torque. Someone told me this would be a good choice. I zfs547don’t know anything about them? Maybe do your gear hardening on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd?   I need gear ratio choices, and keep in mind the rig weighs about 11,000 pounds.  I will run 29″ tires and a 410 rear which will help.

Answer:  Unfortunately there isn’t a way to adapt the ZF 6 speed to a 460 gas block application…

We can do it with a 5 speed ZF transmission rebuilt, dyno tested and to strength we will cryo treat the input, cluster, 3rd gear and 5th gear this trans would bolt up and be adequate for your application.

We can supply it in a 4×4 application with a shift stub and cryo treated gears  your cost is $2400.00 outright, no core required plus freight.

Give Scott a call toll free 888-824-2012 he can help you.  See other parts we can provide for the Ford ZF transmission on our site



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90 Blazer Transfer Case Problem

September 23, 2014 - Author: bartbarton

I have a 1990 Chevrolet Blazer 5.7L 350 HP it’s a 1/2 ton 4WD automatic.

Question:  i have the 700r4 to the NP208, and the last time we went wheeling, I locked in to 4wd and when its engaged, and u try to drive forward it feels like its binding up and then if u go a little further it pops and it releases tension till it spins a few more times and does the same thing in reverse, i CHANGED THE fluid in it and it was clean, no metal chunks but i noticed a piece was sitting in the bottom by the drain plug, and thought maybe it was the magnet but not sure asked a few shops and they said the chain might have stretched out and folded over a link and when that link gets to the tooth it binds up. any help would be nice because i like the 208 and 700r4 but want to know of a rebuild kit or if i can get a built one for off road use, like mudding or rock crawling something strong like the 205.

Answer:   Unfortunately the NP208 is a little weak for off roading. There isn’t any way to build it to be strong like a gear driven NP205

We can offer parts or a rebuilt NP208 or you could upgrade to a NP205

I am confident you have a chain problem in your NP208, you will see below.. price on a rebuilt and core charge then below that a gasket and seal kit and the HD chain

Chevrolet Pickup 27 Spline 81-88 MWTTCGM013 $800.00


Core Charge on Transfer Case $250.00


N.I. Gasket & Seal Kit TSK208 $25.95


43 Chain (1.25” Wide) 36 Links (Round Pins) (Dodge, GM) MWTCL10-025 $100.33


The other option is a 27 spline NP205 with the adapter and coupler for $1100.00 but you will have driveshaft mods and have to buy a new shifter assembly for the NP205, core charge and freight will be added. Give Scott a call 888-824-2012 he can help you.

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2001 Dodge 3/4 ton need 5 Speed Transmission

September 22, 2014 - Author: bartbarton

I have a 2001 Dodge 5.9L diesel 4WD

Question:  I’m looking for a price/availability for a manual 5 speed transmission for my 01 dodge cummins. I think its NV4500 is the model. Its 4×4. Also wondering if you will ship to Kamloops, BC, Canada and if and how much a core charge is. Thanks

Answer:  We can provide a nv4500new NV4500 5 speed Transmission for you Dodge Diesel 4WD, order our part number

MTCRY016N this transmission will come with the updated mainshaft kit and updated cast iron extension housing.

Your cost is $1695.00 outright purchase no core required.

Freight to a commercial address in Kamloops BC V2B4M9 Canada is estimated at $200.00 you pay all import duties and fess.

Give Scott a call toll free 888-824-2012 he can help you.


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Eclipse RS Transmission 5th Gear Problem

- Author: bartbarton

I have a Mitsubishi Eclipse RS 1999 2.0L

Question: I had a mechanic rebuild my  NV-T350transmission.  He has finished it but he said that the gear for fifth needs replaced. It has brand new syncro’s and won’t stay in fifth. What is the part i need?

Answer:   You will need the  5th gear set your cost $125.00

We would also recommend that you purchase a 5th syncro slider $45.00 shipping charges will be added.

Give Scott a call toll free 888-824-2012 he can help you.

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F250 Difference between ZF S542 ZF S547

- Author: bartbarton

I have a F250 7.3L diesel 2WD manual transmission

Question:  Please tell me what is the difference between ZFS542 and ZFS547.

Answer:   The S547 has a higher torque rating than the S542… the S547 has a different design to the syncro teeth. In our opinion both are adequate transmissions for your application.

You can find parts for your Ford ZF transmission on our site.


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F150 Transmission Conversion

- Author: bartbarton

I have a F150 1995 4WD 300

Question:  I have a 95 f150 with a inline 6 5 speed and a Borg Warner 1356 Transfer Case I going to do a engine swap for 302 and an aod transmission is my transfer case going to fit on the aod tranny?

Answer:  Yes the BW1356  will fit just fine, you can see the other parts we can provide for the BW1356 on our site.

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Shifting Problem Blazer 1993

September 16, 2014 - Author: bartbarton

I have a 1993 Blazer 5.7L 4wd manual transmission

Question:  Any advice would be grateful,i have this nv3500NV 3500 in my blazer and everything seems fine with the thing other than the shifter is a bit sloppy but i drained the oil and and a small piece of what i would guess is a spring shaped like a allen wrench a small roller/bearing deal that looks like a small matchbox car wheel with a nipple on each side and part of the stamped steel reaction plate were at the bottom of the trans stuck to the magnet,i read a article once that said the reaction plate can be removed with the use of a new updated shifter,is this true and what are your thoughts.

Answer: This was a one year of a GM poor design…. This can be fixed by updating the shifter stub assembly with a NV27874 stub assembly. Order the following part:

63 Shifter Assembly, 3rd Design (Internal Detent) NV27874 $135.00

If you would like more information give Scott a call toll free 888-824-2012 he can help you. See the other parts you might need for your NV3500 on our site.

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1979 Corvette Trans or Clutch Problem?

September 15, 2014 - Author: bartbarton

I have a Corvette 1979 with the 350 Horse Power Engine.

Question:  My vette has a M21 4-Speed Close-ratio. Drove fine, then in storage for 2 months, and now I can’t get it in gear when the engine is running. Goes in gear just fine with engine off. If I try to start with it in gear with clutch depressed the car jumps like the clutch isn’t working. Could the clutch plates be frozen to the flywheel?

Answer:  Yes sounds like a moisture issue may have seized your clutch disc to the flywheel… best to get it out of the shed and get it out and see if you can get it to break loose.

Let us know what part you need we can help you with clutch and or transmission parts.  You can see the M21 transmission parts we can supply on our site.


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Ranger 96 Problem after Rebuild

September 12, 2014 - Author: bartbarton

I have a Ford Ranger 1996 4.0L  OHV 4WD

Question:   I have a M5R1 5 speed that was making noise and a little hard to shift but worked ok. I pulled it and replaced bearings, seals, and synchronizers. The 5th and reverse slider teeth were worn on the tips so I replaced that slider. It works shifts and sounds good. But it now will jump out of 5th gear. I was sure I put that slider in correctly, the dot to the rear of trans, but wandering what else it could be? Would appreciate some advise.

Answer: From you description of the problem we suspect that the 5th gear engagement teeth are will need the following part:

  • MWTF1TZ-7158B-R 5th gear (counter shaft) your cost is $72.80 plus S&H.

Give Scott a call 888-824-2012 he can help you.  You can see the other parts we can supply for the M5R1 on our website.

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What master cylinder to use 1996 Explorer

September 10, 2014 - Author: bartbarton

I have a Ford 1/2 ton 1996 Explorer 5.0L 4WD


Question:  I was wondering if you could give me some advice about this zf I have swapped in to my explorer. I’ve been fiddling around with clutch master cylinders trying to make something work. My issue is the stock ranger manual petal assembly I used fits but the stock master that fits in at a 45″ angle through the firewall and mounts to a stub off the petal assembly is too small to depress the clutch fully. I opted for a zoom Kevlar 11″ clutch so I’m not sure if I rigged up a pivot type system with a remote mounted stock master from a f series truck would it still feel mushy? I was looking at the wildwood clutch master cylinders they offer and I was thinking about getting the 1″ I believe ford stock is. 3/4″ or 7/8″.

Answer:  We would defiantly go with a aftermarket Wilwood.. they are more adjustable

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