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Ford 5 Spd Man. Transmission ZF-S547

April 25, 2015 - Author: bartbarton

Ford 5 Speed Manual Transmission ZF-S547 Providing You With Issues Rebuild or Replacement Components, Ask an Expert.

Problems with your ZF-S547 Manual Transmission if zfs547not correctly identified can be very expensive and cost you plenty of cash as well as down time according to Manual Transmission Rebuild professional Dan Schoenfelder of Midwest Transmission Center Zumbrota, MN. Below Dan provides 5 of the very most common ZF S5-47 Manual Transmission breakdowns. Midwest Transmission Center can provide ZF-S547 Transmission rebuilt units as well as parts and free technical assistance with your own transmission repairs. If you’d like severe duty and generally are damaging gears and or main or counter shafts we offer cryogenic heat-treated replacements, this can add about 30% to the strength over the OE parts.

Ford starting using the ZF-S547 in 1995 to 1998 utilized the S547M was utilized between 1999 to 2001, this transmission is rated for 470 lb-ft. input torque all gears are synchronized. The particular unit came in 2 different ratios wide and close ratio variations. The close ratio edition is utilized in F-Series trucks using a 7.3 Lt diesel engine and a gross vehicle weight over 8500 lbs.

This transmission features an lightweight aluminum case having an integral bell housing. The ZF transmission used with the 7.3 Lt diesel engines requires use of synthetic Motorcraft MERCON ATF fluid. Rebuilt Manual ZF-S547 Transmission can be purchased from Midwest Transmission Center, we can easily also provide rebuild overhaul kits and hard-parts, inquire about our great take out parts, (used) let us help save you some money!

Five of the extremely common problems in ZF-S547 manual transmission failures tend to be:

Noise on acceleration and speed, ZF-S547 Noise upon deceleration
This problem may be tracked to failure of the pilot bearing in the flywheel, also examine to ensure that the fluid level is correct. You should also examine the bearing between your input and main shaft. Rough and excessive wear on the rear bearing on the output shaft. Noise can even be caused by substantial use of needle bearings under main-shaft gears.

Hard to get to get into gear ZF-S547
1st, 2nd and reverse might be attributed to failing clutch. And or failure of your reverse syncro ring/slider.

Grinding going into gear ZF-S547
Syncro ring or slider wear, excessive bearing wear allowing shafts to move away from design boundaries. An additional common problem is excessively worn shift housing or shifter, each of which can replace by re-manufactured components by Midwest Transmission Center.

Popping out of gear ZF-S547
May be brought on by worn syncro slider and or perhaps shift lever maladjusted. Worn input bearing as well as shift shaft.

Will not shift through gear to gear ZF-S547
This issue may be brought on by the examples below: Shift fork pads missing or with abnormal wear, damaged fork or slider grooved.

The ZF-S547 transmission can also receive damage to the front case 1 / 2 (bell housing) and maybe the rear extension housing because of a damaged drive shaft, bent, out of balance, excessive wear of u-joint or yoke. At the very first sign of vibration we suggest that you have the driveline high-speed balanced. Malfunction of your dual mass flywheel can also crack the actual bell housing portion of the case.

Call now 888-824-2012 to order a rebuilt ZF-S547 manual transmission or parts; buy the parts from Midwest Transmission Center and you need help just call the Drivetrain Expert 1-888-834-2012 it’s free of charge, we’ve got the actual answers you will need. To find out more see our web site at

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NV5600 6 Spd Dodge Man. Transmission Problems

April 17, 2015 - Author: bartbarton

NV5600 6 Speed Dodge Manual Transmission Problems, Rebuild or Replace, Ask an Expert 888-824-2012.

Click for more information on the NV5600  Problems with your Dodge NV5600 6 speed manual transmission will co.

The Dodge NV5600 is really a continual mesh, manual transmission with a wide gear ratio span, full synchronized, Six Speed Overdrive. The NV5600 Manual Transmission is actually factory rated at 540 lbs. ft. of torque. Cast Iron is utilized during the manufacturing of the Bearing retainer, primary case. Ratio’s are actually: 1st 5.63:1, 2nd 3.38:1, 3rd 2.04:1, 4th 1.39:1, 5th 1:1 and 6th gear overdrive of 0.73:1 along with Reverse simply being 5.63:1. If your in need of parts for your NV5600, Midwest Transmission Center can assist you and also save you some money!

As the NV5600 manual transmission has good reliability and is long lasting, is suitable for towing with high horsepower. Common problems generally result from significant usage and defective 6th gear. Losing fluid causes problems for 1st gear and the output bearing. All rebuilt NV5600’s provide by Midwest Transmission consists of main case modifications that provides increase lube flow to the main output bearing, increasing transmission life. Rebuilt transmissions have a 1 year warranty, no hassle.

5 of the most common NV5600 manual transmission problems tend to be

* Hard shift into gear
* Grind shifting into gear
* Jumping out of gear
* Will definitely not shift from gear to gear

Noise upon acceleration, noise when deceleration
problems associated within this category are generally associated with input or pocket bearing malfunction, sixth gear failing, the pilot bearing could also fail.

Challenging to get directly into gear
This problem is common in the NV5600, this transmission is more like a large 18 wheeler transmission, double clutching at the right RPM’s is key to resolving this problem. Additionally you might have a Clutch hydraulics issue requiring that you replace these elements.

Grinding when shifting gears
This issue can be excessive wear of Syncro rings as well as excessive bearing wear

Coming out of gear
This problem may be related to worn syncro rings, syncro sliders, gears and/or shaft movements caused by extreme bearing wear.

Will not shift from gear to gear
Fluid varnish build-up around the shift rail bushing exacerbates this problem. We suggest that you normally replace the shift rail bushings during the overhaul and that you only use OE lubricant from Chrysler part-number 4874464. You actually will discover this kind of transmission fluid is extremely expensive at the dealer about $26.00 per quart, we offer the same fluid for $9.99 per quart plus S&H. We recommend that you change the fluid every 35,000 miles when you have heavy-duty use and each and every 45,000 miles if you have light duty.

Because of the complexity of the NV5600 and we don’t recommend that the average person attempt overhauling this unit. You will need plenty of mechanical experience, but if you must you should start at the rear of transmission. The bell housing will be the last piece to be removed; we recommend that you simply take a lot of photos.

When ready to order a replacement you can get a rebuilt NV5600 replacement manual transmission or rebuild overhaul kit and hard parts from Midwest Transmission Center.

Make use of MWT’s  NV5600 6 Speed manual transmission Expertise


Ask the Expert

We can help you obtain the correct parts and save money. If you need NV5600 parts and purchase the various components from Midwest Transmission and need help, merely call up the Drivetrain Professional 1-888-824-2012 it’s totally free, we have the solutions you’ll need. Need detailed parts list or price for rebuilt dyno tested more information on theNV5600.

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Rebuilt Transmission

April 13, 2015 - Author: CourtneyN

Question: I have Chrysler G. Voyager 2.4 SE Gasoline with defect Automatic transmission. The Vans gear slipper when I am trying to press gas pedal, wont go. Would you please send me your price for replacement of this Transmission and please confirm if it need to be re-coded or just install and run?

Answer: We can supply a rebuilt transmission for this vehicle with a 100,000  mile warranty your cost is $1395 plus a $500 core charge, plus delivery.  Once this transmission is installed vehicle  will have to be driven to the dealer after it is installed and re-flashed.


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