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NV4500 & NV241D Conversion

June 28, 2016 - Author: CourtneyN

Question: Perhaps you can help me with some information or a source for it.  I just installed an NV4500 and NV241d from 1999 Dodge Ram diesel into a 1995 Dodge Ram diesel.  Standard cab, eight foot bed.  The trans came with the front drive shaft.

The rear slip yoke is a smaller diameter (it came off the standard auto and transfer case that was removed) and the original 1995 drive shaft is too short. In your knowledge did this combination exist from the factory? Is there a source for the yoke and proper shaft? I have seen two piece shafts and center bearing shafts that I assume are for the long bed.  My real question is do you know what I need?  Any help would be deeply appreciated.


The  diesel trucks came with both NP241DLD and NP241DHD transfer cases. That being said the 1999 NP241 DHD will not work in the 1995 due to there being no speedometer provision in the transfer case.

1994-1996 NP241DLD use a 32 spline output  with a speedometer in the rear oil pump housing and 1997 and up NP241DLD do not

1994-1996 NP241DHD use a 32 spline output with a speedometer 1997 uses a 31 spline large diameter with a speedo and 1998 and newer us the 31 spline without a speedo provision

The best option is use the old NP241DLD and switch the input shaft over to a 29 spline input to bolt up to the NV4500.  We can provide the following parts to assist with the conversion.


27 Shaft Input 29 Spline 6010n Bearing Narrow MWTNP4797029-R $122.92


23 Input Bearing (.630 inch Wide) MWT6010-N $20.66


Shipping charges will be added.   You will need to find a driveline shop to modify the drive shafts   We have such a shop in Maple Grove, MN that can help you their number is 800-444-0755.

Call the sales department to place order at 888-824-2012, if you need additional technical assistance ask for Scott he can help you. Visit our website to see more parts for the NV4500 and NV241D at


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