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NP263HD Transfer Case Noise

April 3, 2014 - Author: CourtneyN - No Comments
Question: I have a 2003 GMC Sierra 2500HD with a NP263HD transfer case, at speeds around 55-70 mph it’s making a noise. It did have a pin hole in the case but it was around one of the rubberized bolts I welded that. And now it has a leak out of the rear seal where the drive shaft goes in what do you think is causing the noise? How much for a complete rebuild kit and what all does the rebuild kit come with?

Answer: There are other issues with the rear case that cause problems like this. The snap ring groove in the rear case that retains the output shaft bearing wears causing output shaft end play resulting in bearing failure and noise. Also the transfer case was more then likely ran low on fluid which could have resulted in rear tail bushing wear. It is important to inspect your slip yoke on the drive shaft for wear also. We can help you with all of your parts, a rebuilt or a brand new transfer case.

Here is a list of parts you need.

GM Silverado 32 Spline Input 2001-Up NP263 HD Part Number MWTTCGM038 $1326.67

Case Half (Rear) (NP 263 Standard) Part Number MWTNV30961 $175.00

Chain (1.50″ Wide) 42 Links XHD  Part Number CL10-074 $144.00

Bearing Kit (includes all seals) Part Number BK371 $149.00

Mode Synchro (Middle) Friction (All) Part Number 401701-3 $42.92

Please give our experts a call toll free with any questions at 1-888-824-2012 or visit our website




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