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About Us

MTC has been in business since 1996  providing standard transmission customers top of the line transmissions and transfer cases. As a leading supplier of  high-quality full-line (foreign, domestic, 4×4, 4×2, FWD and RWD) automatic and manual transmissions and transfer cases.  Trouble diagnosing your transmission issues? Take advantage of our free technical support, we have the answers you need call 888-824-2012.

We continually upgrade our manufacturing facility meeting the on-going need to set the standard in the transmission industry, MTC uses state-of-the-art bar coding to all parts and units to track assemblies thru the re-manufacturing process. It also provides a true bill of material listings ensuring every unit built has the correct parts, passes thru the inspection points, and further enhance warranty information, recovery and product failure analysis.

Two additional  dyno  test station were added to increase capacity and reliability of re-manufactured units. These dyno test stations have data acquisition programs that provide computer information on several key operating functions of manual transmissions and transfer cases.

Worldwide Distribution of Manual Transmissions, Transfer Cases and Parts

Number of Employees: 22

Facility: 57,000 Sq. Ft. located in Zumbrota, MN 45 minutes south of Minneapolis.
MTC also offers a full line of new and used parts and in some cases re-manufactured parts as well. We ship worldwide with over 8 major shipping companies and use state-of-the-art shipping procedures.

Our R&D staff is currently working with OEM manufacturers on developing new transmission assemblies, testing, design and application analysis. Gear certification is also available to the aftermarket industry. New product design and redesigned existing gearing is available through our engineering department.

Discussion (4 Comments)

  1. by jose

    I have a 1993 Chevrolet Silverado k1500 with a manual transmission, the transmission is making a noise like if something is lose inside of it when the clutch is released, I drained the oil and it has metal resedu in it. any suggestions in what it could be?

    • Sounds like an input bearing failure. This is pretty common with the NV3500 units. There are a couple options below, either a rebuilt transmission or parts to repair.

      The first kit listed is with syncro rings and the second kit is without

      4 Wheel Drive NV3500/MG5 HM290 NV3500 Trans Gas

      Core Deposit on above transmissions

      Bearing Rebuild Kit with Syncro Rings HM290 (Single Ball Input & Output Bearings) (1 Piece 1-2 Synchro)

      Bearing Rebuild Kit w/o Syncro Rings HM290 (Single Ball Input & Output Bearings) (1 Piece 1-2 Synchro)

      Give our expert a call with any questions or to place an order toll free 1-888-824-2012.

  2. by Danny Savage

    I have a 96 F250 4×4 with an E40D and would like to convert to a 5 speed. Possibly ZF 5

    • We can supply the 5 speed transmission, clutch kit and shift stub.

      Total cost would be $2750 outright plus any shipping and handling fees. If you would like to place an order give us a call toll free at 1-888-824-2012.

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