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Stronger NV4500

January 6, 2017 - Author: CourtneyN

Hello I’m in search of a stronger nv4500 transmission for my truck. It’s a turbocharged LSX engine and was wondering what you guys have to offer? I can rebuild the one I have now but would need all the cryogenic internals and don’t know of it would be better to buy the trans from you guys and send my core in. And I was wondering if I could do a different input shaft spline count? Thank you
We can supply a rebuilt NV4500 GM 4×4 with cryo treated parts with a one year factory warranty.

The choices on the input would be stock GM 1.125” 10 spline or 8.1L 1.250 10 spline same price either way

Order our part number MTGM009 your cost $1400 exchange plus $500 core deposit plus freight

Cryo treating is per pound
• Input 5 pounds
• Cluster 24 pounds
• Output shaft 17 pounds
• 5th m/s gear 2 pounds
• 5th c/s gear 7.4 pounds
• 3rd gear 4.1 pounds

59.5 pounds your cost for cryo is $595.00

Give sales department a call toll free 888-824-2012 they can help with the order. If you need additional technical information ask for Scott.
You can qualify for a discount register for first time customer discount on our web site

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What Lubricant to Use for Saginaw Manual 3-Speed

August 31, 2015 - Author: CourtneyN

Question: My Camaro is a 1968 model, it has a Saginaw manual 3-speed. I need to drain and replace the lubricant — can you tell me what weight lube to use? Thank you. By the way, in case it matters, I use the car for street driving only, no racing.

Answer: 80W90W Gear Lube is recommended for the Saginaw Manual 3-Speed.

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NP205 Customization

June 22, 2015 - Author: CourtneyN

Question: Hi, I am looking for an NP205 to put behind a GM 4×4 NV4500 for my project truck. I think the simplest option would be a customization round pattern, 32 spline input with an Advance Adapters spacer. I think these were used with the TH400 transmission. Is this transfer case one that you can provide or build or possibly recommend alternatives? Thanks!

Answer: We can build a customization round pattern NP205 but there will be tail modifications that you can make on the NV4500 to be made due to the space needed for the shift rail.  A 712529 bracket will also be needed to mount the shifter for the NP205 your cost $75.00. This transfer case is part number TCGM003 cost is $1000 outright plus freight. Visit our website to see more NP205 Transfer Case Parts or to let us help you with a part customization please call our experts toll free 888-824-2012.



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1968 Corvette T5 of T5WC

June 4, 2015 - Author: bartbarton

I have a 1968 Corvette.

Question:  I’m looking to drop a T-5 in my 68 vet. Was T5NWC_MTFRD033looking for a world class 1352-176, -182, -196, or -213. They all should be about the same. Was also wondering what kind of torque they are rated for. The engine I am running is a mild 327 with a rear gear of 3.08. I’ve seen some rated for 300 ft lb of torque and others for 600 ft lb torque. I don’t want to tear it up. I see that most of these sat behind a 5.0 liter F-body so I would think they would work behind a 327 with about 350 Hp.

Answer:   The T5 will be a little light for the 327CID with 350 HP it will work if driven only  and not a drag race car.

You would want the T5 Camaro World Class unit and this would have the mechanical speedometer provision required. There would be drive shaft mod’s, cross member mod’s and poss tunnel mods to be made

These are hard transmissions to come by but we could find and rebuild one cost would be $1700 outright no core required, plus freight. Give Scott a call toll free 888-824-2012 he can help you. You can find a complete list of transmission, rebuild kit and hard part for T5 transmissions on our site.


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Problems with Dodge NV4500

May 26, 2015 - Author: bartbarton

Question:   I recently purchased a dodge cummins with a nv4500 tranny the clutch was weak after doing a couple engine mods so I decided to replace the clutch along with that I decided to upgrade to the bigger input shaft. When setting the end play of the new shaft I took 5th gear apart and went back together fine or so I thought, it no longer will go into 5th after reinstalling the transmission all other gears work fine including reverse except 5th. I have scoured the Internet for a manual before I take it apart to see what’s wrong so I know how to put it back together. And have turned up nothing. Do you guys offer a repair/ manual?

Answer: Sorry we don’t have a manual for sale. We assume something went wrong with the syncro slider assembly during the reinstall

nv4500The slider will go on backwards…. The pointed engagement teeth need to face the rear.

For more free technical support give Scott a call toll free 888-824-2012 he can help you.  Need parts see our website.

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Jeep Wrangler automatic to Manual

May 21, 2015 - Author: bartbarton

I have a Wrangler TJ converted into a 4.7 V8 H.O

Question: I am interested to change from automatic nv3500(545RFE) to a 6-Speed manual such as the Getrag 238 (MWTCRY033).

Answer:  We do not have anything manual that will bolt behind the 4.7L other than a NV3500 out of a Dodge selling price would be $1595.00 outright no core required plus freight.

Give Scott a call toll free 888-824-2012 he can help you.  Need parts for your NV3500 see our site.


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Why Tire Size is Important

May 8, 2015 - Author: CourtneyN

Question: I have a 1992 4WD GMC Sierra.  The transmission gets stuck in neutral and reverse when it is backed up with transmission in 4 wheel drive any ideas?

Answer: As far as  being stuck in natural or reverse, it shouldn’t make any difference to the transmission if it’s in 4WD or not as far as the transmission shifting unless there is a drive line bind like mismatched front and rear gear ratio’s or mismatched tires Not sure what the problem is suggest you verify it has not had any differential work as in one of the differentials being changed and creating a gear ratio difference… then I would check all tires.. should be within ½” overall diameter.

Give Scott a call 888-824-2012 once you have check these things he can help you.

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Difference Between 2WD & 4WD ZF S5-42 Transmission?

May 4, 2015 - Author: CourtneyN

I have a 1990 FORD F-350 CUSTOM V8 5.8L 460-CID FI N H 4 Wheel Drive | S5-42 Trans (Standard 5 Speed)

Question: What’s the difference between 4 x 2 and 4 x 4 models of the ZF S5–42 transmission?

Answer: The 4 wheel drive of the ZF S5-42 transmission has an open style tail housing allowing the companion of the transfer case.  The 2WD  ZF S5-42 transmission has a bolt on yoke in the rear only allowing the rear drive line to be bolted on. This  is why it is crucial to identify your correct transmission and vehicle information. If you have any trouble identifying your transmission our experts can help call 1-888-824-2012 or visit our website


Ford ZF S542 Manual 5 Speed Transmission Parts

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Ford 5 Spd Man. Transmission ZF-S547

April 25, 2015 - Author: bartbarton

Ford 5 Speed Manual Transmission ZF-S547 Providing You With Issues Rebuild or Replacement Components, Ask an Expert.

Problems with your ZF-S547 Manual Transmission if zfs547not correctly identified can be very expensive and cost you plenty of cash as well as down time according to Manual Transmission Rebuild professional Dan Schoenfelder of Midwest Transmission Center Zumbrota, MN. Below Dan provides 5 of the very most common ZF S5-47 Manual Transmission breakdowns. Midwest Transmission Center can provide ZF-S547 Transmission rebuilt units as well as parts and free technical assistance with your own transmission repairs. If you’d like severe duty and generally are damaging gears and or main or counter shafts we offer cryogenic heat-treated replacements, this can add about 30% to the strength over the OE parts.

Ford starting using the ZF-S547 in 1995 to 1998 utilized the S547M was utilized between 1999 to 2001, this transmission is rated for 470 lb-ft. input torque all gears are synchronized. The particular unit came in 2 different ratios wide and close ratio variations. The close ratio edition is utilized in F-Series trucks using a 7.3 Lt diesel engine and a gross vehicle weight over 8500 lbs.

This transmission features an lightweight aluminum case having an integral bell housing. The ZF transmission used with the 7.3 Lt diesel engines requires use of synthetic Motorcraft MERCON ATF fluid. Rebuilt Manual ZF-S547 Transmission can be purchased from Midwest Transmission Center, we can easily also provide rebuild overhaul kits and hard-parts, inquire about our great take out parts, (used) let us help save you some money!

Five of the extremely common problems in ZF-S547 manual transmission failures tend to be:

Noise on acceleration and speed, ZF-S547 Noise upon deceleration
This problem may be tracked to failure of the pilot bearing in the flywheel, also examine to ensure that the fluid level is correct. You should also examine the bearing between your input and main shaft. Rough and excessive wear on the rear bearing on the output shaft. Noise can even be caused by substantial use of needle bearings under main-shaft gears.

Hard to get to get into gear ZF-S547
1st, 2nd and reverse might be attributed to failing clutch. And or failure of your reverse syncro ring/slider.

Grinding going into gear ZF-S547
Syncro ring or slider wear, excessive bearing wear allowing shafts to move away from design boundaries. An additional common problem is excessively worn shift housing or shifter, each of which can replace by re-manufactured components by Midwest Transmission Center.

Popping out of gear ZF-S547
May be brought on by worn syncro slider and or perhaps shift lever maladjusted. Worn input bearing as well as shift shaft.

Will not shift through gear to gear ZF-S547
This issue may be brought on by the examples below: Shift fork pads missing or with abnormal wear, damaged fork or slider grooved.

The ZF-S547 transmission can also receive damage to the front case 1 / 2 (bell housing) and maybe the rear extension housing because of a damaged drive shaft, bent, out of balance, excessive wear of u-joint or yoke. At the very first sign of vibration we suggest that you have the driveline high-speed balanced. Malfunction of your dual mass flywheel can also crack the actual bell housing portion of the case.

Call now 888-824-2012 to order a rebuilt ZF-S547 manual transmission or parts; buy the parts from Midwest Transmission Center and you need help just call the Drivetrain Expert 1-888-834-2012 it’s free of charge, we’ve got the actual answers you will need. To find out more see our web site at

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