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Denali 2007 making clunk, clunk sound?

August 27, 2014 - Author: bartbarton - No Comments

I have a Denali 2007 6.2L engine with Automatic transmission 4WD

Question:  I have this Denali, BW4485and it is making a loud clunk, clunk, clunk…sound when under harder acceleration. It was suggested that I need to do a master rebuild kit to fix the problem. Would that be your suggestion, or do you suggest just buying a rebuilt transfer case from you to bolt in. The vehicle has 160k on it now. I’m willing to pay a little more for convenience, but I don’t want to spend $1600 if a simple $200 rebuild kit would work.

Answer:   This is a BW4485 transfer case, the problem you describe could be a problem with stretched or worn out chain.   We would suggest you rebuild the unit and purchase the following parts:

  • Bearing Overhaul Kit part number TRSBKBK4485 your cost $123.93
  • Chain part number MTCCL10-502 is the transfer case chain  your cost $140.00 plus freight.

Give Scott a call toll free 888-824-2012 he can help you.  You can see the other parts we can supply for your BW4485 on our web site.


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