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Diagnosing a shifting problem with manual transmission

January 18, 2018 - Author: bartbarton - No Comments

I have a Ford Ranger 2010 with 4.0lt manual 4WD.


I recently replaced the clutch, slave cylinder, master cylinder, pilot and throw-out bearing on my ford ranger, because 1st and second gear were getting difficult to shift into, especially when from a stop (1st gear/reverse). After extensive bleeding and verifying the slave is fully disengaging the pressure plate, my 1st and reverse gear are still difficult to shift while from a stop, however my second gear is now very difficult to shift into. Could this be a syncro issue or a shift fork issue, or something completely different? and if so, how can I test to see what may be causing the issue. thank you for your time in the matter. (truck has 130,000+ miles on all original drive train).


Our experience tells us that anytime the lower gears are hard to shift the clutch components are suspect….

Try shifting those gears with engine off and see what it does. If it shifts good that way depress the clutch

and start the vehicle .. do not let the clutch up and see how it shifts… If it changes from off to run it is a clutch / hyd issue


If it’s hard both ways it is an internal trans issue, then its time to open the transmission and inspect and replace damaged part or replace with a remanufacture unit.

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