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Input Bearing NV3500 GM 5 Speed Manual Transmission

June 30, 2014 - Author: bartbarton - No Comments

I have a GMC G20 Van wiith 6.5L turbo diesel 1998.

Question:  This truck has the GM NV3500HD; Bought this trans new in 2002 and installed into G20 Chev van. Now has 35k mi. It has developed a low “growl” when letting out the clutch in neutral. Pulled clutch shaft bearing and appears OK but will replace it anyhow. I need your part number to order this bearing; it is 23mm wide). Is there any other source of this “growl” in the NV3500HD that I need to attend to ?? I do not find any metal shavings collecting on the magnetic plugs, oil (Redline) is very clean and shifts are perfect. Thanks and advise.

Answer: your diagnosis is probable correct.  We can provide a new input bearing order our part number M802048 your cost is $15.50.

This unit should have an aluminum input bearing retainer and an internal slave cylinder inside the bellhousing. If this is the case you will need to change the bearing race, order our part number NP728109 your cost is $17.00 plus S&H. Give Scott a call 888-824-2012 he can help you.

You can see the other parts we can supply for your NV3500 on our site.


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