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How much play in planetary assembly ? It is a 263XHD transfer case

April 29, 2014 - Author: bartbarton - No Comments

I have a 2003 Chevrolet Silverado Duramax 3/4 ton 4WD

Question:  How much play should the gears in the planetary assembly have? It is a 263XHD transfer case. Should the gears in the assembly have shims, spacers in each side of the gears?

Answers:   The planetary pinion gear will usually have .002 play on the shaft.. yes they are to have shims on both sides of the pinion gears and they will have .020 – .030 up and down play. If you need additional help or parts give Scott a call 888-824-2012 he can help you.  You can see the other NP263 Transfer Case parts we offer on our site.


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