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Need NP435 & Transfer Case Parts

December 9, 2014 - Author: bartbarton - No Comments

I have a Ford 1974 with the 6 cylinder 300 HP 4WD

Question:  Looking for quotes for a rebuilt trans  NP435_4_Speed_Manual_Transmissionand complete kit plus shift forks needed to rebuild trans+shipping for a NP435 4-speed from an early Ford with divorced transfer case. I’m not sure what model vehicle it was in originally but is mated to a 6 cyl 300ci. Looking for two quotes. Thanks

Answer:  The rebuilt NP435 4 speed manual transmission for your 1974 Ford is our part number MTFRD025 your cost is $666.67 plus $250.00 core deposit plus freight.

For the transfer case you will need the following parts:

  • Bearing Rebuild kit part number MWT127 your cost $138.96
  • Fork insert 1 & 2 Fork part number MWT291-23 your cost $1.00
  • Fork insert 3 & 4 Fork part number MWT291-23A your cost $1.00
  • Fork 1 & 2nd part number MWTWT291-22 your cost $32.00 plus freight.

You can see the other part that we can provide for the NP435 on our site.

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