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NP 273 electric transfer case, can I swap out with the NP241

February 11, 2014 - Author: bartbarton - No Comments

NP 273 electric transfer case, swap out with the NP241

I have a Dodge 2000 Diesel 4WD with and 241_blogautomatic transmission.

Question:  I have a NP241 manual shift transfer case, I also have a brand new NP273 electric shift transfer case wonder if I can swap these transfer cases.  How do convert from manual shift to electric shift?


Unfortunately there is not a way to adapt the electric shift transfer case into this vehicle without a large amount of wiring and electronic issues;  You would need the shift motor wiring harness, control module and the in cab switch and would have to wire it all in.  We would suggest you drill and tap the shift cam where the shift motor attaches and affix your manual lever to that.

The next issue is that the truck does not have a live front differential and the transfer case does not have an indicator to engage the front differential.  Therefor our recommendation would be to rebuild the NP241.  You can see the  bearing rebuild kit and parts we offer for the NP241 on our site.



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