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NP208 will not go into 2WD 1986 Bronco

July 15, 2014 - Author: bartbarton - No Comments

I have a 1986 Ford Bronco 4.9L automatic transmission.

Question:  I have an NP 208 that I just  np208put back together with a rebuild kit and range fork, also a GM style planetary cover to replace the shredded plastic Ford style. Put all back together and vehicle runs in 4wd only, although it briefly ran in 2 wd. When I ran the shifter through to test, it would not go back into 2 wd. Wondering if there is a specific way to put the shift rail in properly? If almost think I didn’t put the shift plate that activates the forks in the right way, if that’s possible. I can’t find a diagram that identifies the proper location of the range and mode fork where they go into or on top of the plate. I’m hoping you can help…very frustrating.

Answer:  The shift Cam has a detent location so it would be very hard to install incorrectly.  Its possible that the coil spring on the mode (upper) fork is not in place, causing it not to disengage out of 4WD.  If you need additional help give Scott a call 888-824-2012 he can help you.  You can see the other parts we can supply for the NP208 on our site.


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