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NV4500 1999 Dodge 3/4 ton 5 Speed Problem

March 28, 2014 - Author: bartbarton - No Comments

I have a 1999 Dodge 3/4 ton 5.9L Diesel 4WD

Question:  I was driving home from work yesterday and all of a sudden 3rd was gone. It trys  holding when I first put it in 3rd but then pops out and nothing. It still shifts into all gears fine.  1st also pops out if I don’t hold it in. Any thoughts on what happened? 2nd, fourth, and fifth shift in and hold fine. If I try and hold it into 3rd it will catch and then slip and then catch a second and then slip again. I’m kinda confused. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Answer:  From you description of the problem it sounds like the output shaft is moving from maybe mwt-308bearing failure?  1st and 3rd are both a forward shift but they are not on the same rail… 3rd gear is an issue for the NV4500 and always has been

We would suggest you purchase the following parts:

  • Bearing Overhaul Kit all Dodge up to 1996 part number MWT308 your cost is $110.98
  • Syncro Ring Kit uses a reverse syncro in the dodge part number MWTRK4500 your cost is $225.00
  • ¾ Shift fork our part number RS334843 your cost $25.85
  • 3rd Gear on the Main Shaft 29 tooth 5.61 ratio our part number MWTNV23712 your cost $97.97
  • ¾ Hub & Slider Kit our part number MWTNV18422 your cost is $173.33, plus S&H.

This is a list of what should be required for the overhaul if once you have it a part and need additional parts give us a call toll free 888-824-2012, you can see the other parts available for your NV4500 on our site.

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