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NV5600 6 Spd Dodge Man. Transmission Problems

April 17, 2015 - Author: bartbarton - 5 Comments

NV5600 6 Speed Dodge Manual Transmission Problems, Rebuild or Replace, Ask an Expert 888-824-2012.

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The Dodge NV5600 is really a continual mesh, manual transmission with a wide gear ratio span, full synchronized, Six Speed Overdrive. The NV5600 Manual Transmission is actually factory rated at 540 lbs. ft. of torque. Cast Iron is utilized during the manufacturing of the Bearing retainer, primary case. Ratio’s are actually: 1st 5.63:1, 2nd 3.38:1, 3rd 2.04:1, 4th 1.39:1, 5th 1:1 and 6th gear overdrive of 0.73:1 along with Reverse simply being 5.63:1. If your in need of parts for your NV5600, Midwest Transmission Center can assist you and also save you some money!

As the NV5600 manual transmission has good reliability and is long lasting, is suitable for towing with high horsepower. Common problems generally result from significant usage and defective 6th gear. Losing fluid causes problems for 1st gear and the output bearing. All rebuilt NV5600’s provide by Midwest Transmission consists of main case modifications that provides increase lube flow to the main output bearing, increasing transmission life. Rebuilt transmissions have a 1 year warranty, no hassle.

5 of the most common NV5600 manual transmission problems tend to be

* Hard shift into gear
* Grind shifting into gear
* Jumping out of gear
* Will definitely not shift from gear to gear

Noise upon acceleration, noise when deceleration
problems associated within this category are generally associated with input or pocket bearing malfunction, sixth gear failing, the pilot bearing could also fail.

Challenging to get directly into gear
This problem is common in the NV5600, this transmission is more like a large 18 wheeler transmission, double clutching at the right RPM’s is key to resolving this problem. Additionally you might have a Clutch hydraulics issue requiring that you replace these elements.

Grinding when shifting gears
This issue can be excessive wear of Syncro rings as well as excessive bearing wear

Coming out of gear
This problem may be related to worn syncro rings, syncro sliders, gears and/or shaft movements caused by extreme bearing wear.

Will not shift from gear to gear
Fluid varnish build-up around the shift rail bushing exacerbates this problem. We suggest that you normally replace the shift rail bushings during the overhaul and that you only use OE lubricant from Chrysler part-number 4874464. You actually will discover this kind of transmission fluid is extremely expensive at the dealer about $26.00 per quart, we offer the same fluid for $9.99 per quart plus S&H. We recommend that you change the fluid every 35,000 miles when you have heavy-duty use and each and every 45,000 miles if you have light duty.

Because of the complexity of the NV5600 and we don’t recommend that the average person attempt overhauling this unit. You will need plenty of mechanical experience, but if you must you should start at the rear of transmission. The bell housing will be the last piece to be removed; we recommend that you simply take a lot of photos.

When ready to order a replacement you can get a rebuilt NV5600 replacement manual transmission or rebuild overhaul kit and hard parts from Midwest Transmission Center.

Make use of MWT’s  NV5600 6 Speed manual transmission Expertise


Ask the Expert

We can help you obtain the correct parts and save money. If you need NV5600 parts and purchase the various components from Midwest Transmission and need help, merely call up the Drivetrain Professional 1-888-824-2012 it’s totally free, we have the solutions you’ll need. Need detailed parts list or price for rebuilt dyno tested more information on theNV5600.

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Discussion (5 Comments)

  1. by Ken sylvester

    My nv5600 started jumping outa 6th gear, then completely lost 6th then 5th

  2. I have been driving manual transmission equipped vehicles for fifty-four years. And currently have an ’01 Dodge Ram 2500 with Cummins engine and NV5600 6-speed. I’ve read articles stating that it is “generally known as a hard shifting transmission”. Although mine is relatively easy to up-shift, it WILL NOT to go into reverse until I momentarily shift into 5th gear. Then reverse engages easily. What can I do about it?

    • The NV5600 can develop stiff shifting if the correct OE fluid is not used and or the transmission is not serviced on a 30-50k basis depending on how hard the truck is used. some Chrysler manuals say it is a lifetime fluid but it is not.

      The Rev issue is a strange one. Does the truck need to be shifted into 5th prior to going into rev or will any gear work? Meaning can you shift to 3rd then to rev or is it just something with 5th?

  3. by frank belbeck

    2003 dodge cummins nv5600 will it exchange with newer alum 6 spd

    • It can be done but is very expensive and requires a different engine adapter and flywheel. The newer G56 transmission are very expensive and are not any more reliable than the NV5600. I would suggest a rebuilt NV5600 with an updated case to help with the oiling issue they have.

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