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Problems with Dodge NV4500

May 26, 2015 - Author: bartbarton - 2 Comments

Question:   I recently purchased a dodge cummins with a nv4500 tranny the clutch was weak after doing a couple engine mods so I decided to replace the clutch along with that I decided to upgrade to the bigger input shaft. When setting the end play of the new shaft I took 5th gear apart and went back together fine or so I thought, it no longer will go into 5th after reinstalling the transmission all other gears work fine including reverse except 5th. I have scoured the Internet for a manual before I take it apart to see what’s wrong so I know how to put it back together. And have turned up nothing. Do you guys offer a repair/ manual?

Answer: Sorry we don’t have a manual for sale. We assume something went wrong with the syncro slider assembly during the reinstall

nv4500The slider will go on backwards…. The pointed engagement teeth need to face the rear.

For more free technical support give Scott a call toll free 888-824-2012 he can help you.  Need parts see our website.

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Discussion (2 Comments)

  1. by John Kalamau

    I have a 5speed manual transmission. 1996 dodge. I remove the rear cover the cone had slide rear I notice a snap ring had disappeared there r 3 detent spring and 3 detent. Do u sale this snap ring? I also notice that one of the shift forts the end had 2 missing items could u help me?

    • Rear snap ring NV17018 wide groove takes two and narrow groove takes one $1.00 each

      Fork pad NP4167969 $1.00 each

      Although the min web order is $25.00 so you may want to look at getting a rear bearing or seal kit in order to hit that mark.

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